Clealines in Abstraction

In Clear Lines in Abstraction (CLA), Clear is a word with two meanings. It means "bright" and "erase". My painting confirms both of these meanings. The bright side was created by the process of clearing it. Stack layers by acrylic paints on a canvas, draw a lines to erase a portion of it. These repetitions of 'fill' and 'erase' will cause overlapping layers, but some overlapping parts are necessarily visible. That part still underscores the zero-state, that is, the border between illusion and flat-ness because it is in contact with the canvas, and paradoxically it clearly shows that the combination of colors in the canvas is just a delusion. My painting is a kind of pure abstract, but theoretical background and the influential artist are in touch with abstract expressionism. In addition, I basically exclude psychological factors and insist on having pure visual experience and overall visual experience in my works. I emphasize 'art for art', view is the most important factor, It is based on Greenberg's modernism that only visuals are left in art. My painting based on these theoretical backgrounds, a rhombus always appears. I would like to give this rhyme the meaning of the rebellion of modernist painting that rebellion against painting that have become so stimulating and political.